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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

December 07, 2009

To NCGenWeb CCs

An open letter to the NCGenWeb CCs:

It has come to my attention that giving personal contact information (home address) to NCGenWeb leadership is being discussed. You will soon be asked to vote on whether of not you should be required to provide that information to NCGenWeb leadership. I have some NCGenWeb history to share with you.

When Derick Hartshorn was NCGenWeb State Coordinator, he used personal contact information to conduct vendettas against NCGenWeb CC. This consisted of libel, harassment, threats and intimidation. Not only did he use RootsWeb lists, he also used his NCGenWeb genealogy site to construct a hate website against the CCs containing libel, harassment, threats and intimidation. Derick even had someone drive by one ot the CCs home and take a picture of it, using it as "I know where you live" intimidation.

The vendetta was so severe that when RootsWeb found out they ordered Derick to never again mention the names of the CC on any RootsWeb list or website, nor even allude to the CCs, or he would be barred from accessing any RootsWeb service. This led to an Advisory Board member making a motion to declare Derick an Member Not In Good Standing. Later, Derick resignes as SC. That motion is located here.

Former NCGenWeb ASC Nola Duffy has also used NCGenWeb CCs personal contact information to conduct vendettas of libel, harassment, and intimidation against NCGenWeb CCs. Nola has used NCGenWeb CCs personal contact information to conduct investigations of the CCs to find out who their parents, siblings and friends were, and even to locate medical history information.

Just a Nola had no second thoughts about incorporating NCGenWeb behind the backs of the bast majority of the NCGenWeb CC, Nola had no qualms about admitting her harassment of the CCs via misusing their personal contact information. On a public non-USGenWeb list Nola admitted that one of her reasons for being in the USGenWeb was to harass a former NCGenWeb CC with the intent of causing the CC mental duress, knowing that the CC was mentally disabled.

Quoting Nola's message: "I plead guilty to those statements that are my direct quotes and as for saying I would intentionally cause your [the CC] emotional duress, it was part of a private message...."

NCGenWeb leadership has an established history of not being trustworthy with the CCs personal contact information. NCGenWeb leadership does not want you to know the true reason for gathering personal contact information - to investigate your identity.

NCGenWeb and the USGenWeb have many fine sites and honest CCs. I look forward to when the CCs take matters into their own hands and help stomp out the corruption. Then I will have nothing to write about!

Comments on this issue can be made on the Blog with or without using your name, but are held for approval. If you request so, comments to me can be re-posted on the Blog without using your name. Please be aware that using your real name in exercising your right of free speech may result in harassment of yourself by the corrupt.

We look forward to reading Derick and Nola's replies posted on your Discuss list. Note the rambling, not always coherent triad' with mention of magical CCs in the USGenWeb for 14 years with the purpose of destroying the NCGenWeb; and how Derick and Nola personally saved NCGenWeb from the evil ones. If you believe them, I have a bridge for sale which you would be interested in buying.

Mary White
Stalking the Truth About the USGenWeb
Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way