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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

September 20, 2011

Rampant theft?

A week does not pass that this blogger does not read about data theft by usgenweb or others. This is a murky topic when it comes to the law. Some webmasters in genealogy believe it's okay to steal as long as no one complains. If what we see below is true, we may get this subject settled once and for all. Some names have been x'ed to protect the innocent.

Please read this email from the bottom up. I am trying to get website pages that were copied to this site:  without my permission or even the contributors permission, (even with them having my name and copyright on them) removed from Rootsweb servers.

The person who has copied my websites without permission is

Please let me know what steps I need to take to press charges against Mrs xxxxx. I have sent repeated emails over the past 3 years asking her to remove various pages copied from my sites that she has placed online and calling them her own and I get vulgarity and obscenities in return. If you need my address and phone number I will send it privately as Rootsweb sends all copies of complaints directly to the person accused and I do not wish to be harassed by mail or phone by Mrs. xxxxxx

She didn't even take my copyright from any of the pages, she copied them directly from Internet Archives (when I had my sites on the Rootsweb servers) but here are the links of pages she has copied to where I have the sites online. She has really gone overboard in the number of pages she has stolen from me as well as other websites.

I would appreciate a swift action being taken on this.
xxxxx xxxxx,%20Sr.htm,%20Vol_%208,%20NO_%2027,%20Page%201.htm's%201st%20NC%20Regiment%20of%20Militia.htm's%20Company.htm's%20State%20Records-Artillery.htm's%20State%20Records-Artillery_files/parchmentpaper.jpg My background,%203rd%20N_C_%20Battali.htm's%20Register.htm's%20Company%20February%2019,%201778.htm's%20Company%20May%2018,%201777.htm's%20Company%207th%20Orange%20Militia.htm's%20Company%20October.htm,%20prisoners%20of%20war,%20Nov_%2026,%201782.htm My home page, name and copyright plainly visible on bottom of page,%20&c%20of%20Heirs%20of%20Non%20Commssioned%20Officers,%20Privates,%20&c.htm,%201780.htm's%20Company.htm's%20Company.htm's%20Company.htm's%20Register.htm's%20Company%202nd%20NC%20Battalion.htm's%20Company%202nd%20NC%20Battalion.htm's%20Company%202nd%20NC%20Battalion.htm's%20Company.htm's%20Company%20of%20Militia.htm,%201st%20N_%20C_%20Battalion.htm,%201st%20N_%20C_%20Battalion02.htm,%201st%20N_%20C_%20Battalion03.htm's%20Company,%202nd%20N_C_%20Battalion.htm,%202nd%20N_C_%20Battalion.htm,%2018%20Ma.htm's%20US%20Pension%20Office.htm

Everything on this page:
copied from my site:'s%20Co.htm,%20Compt_%20February%2026,%201778.htm,%20Index%20to%20Surnames,%20Queries.htm's%20Regiment.htm My name and copyright is plain to see on this page My home page with my name and copyright plainly visible at top and bottom of page,%20Jr.htm

Everything on this page:
Copied from my site:

This page:
Copied from my site:

This page:
Copied from here:
copied from my site:
the same missing photo!
copied from

 From: "" <>
To:xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx
Monday, September 19, 2011 12:32 PM
Subject: RE: Theft of webpages


We take violations of copyright seriously at RootsWeb.  I see the two pages that you have referenced at the (form) Freepages web site. Please provide a link to where you have published these pages from which you believe they were copied so I can verify your complaint.  Please make sure that the pages you cite have information for which you are the copyright owner.  If you do not hold the copyright on the whole pages that you reference, please identify the portions to which you do hold the copyright.
Best regards,
Web Site Accounts Administrator

 From: xx xxxx xxx
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2011 10:27 AM
Subject: Theft of webpages

My name is xxx xxx and I have found some of my complete sites listed in your freepages accounts. I would like these removed immediately and the person responsible told that they cannot use any of my pages or sites. I have written her several times about this and I have been cussed out and told she will and can use any of my sites and/or pages that she wants. She does not have permission from me or any of the contributors to use these pages. Here are some links:

 It seems every page here:

has been copied from my various sites and I want them removed and I want the assurance they will be removed from any and all websites that she has placed them on. Especially the books and other files that I own and have permission from the authors to reproduce, with no permission being given to anyone else.
Please let me know when these sites/pages have been removed.
Thank you,
xxx xxx

For The Daryl