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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

December 17, 2009


This reporter is in receipt of six messages sent within 2.5 hours on December 13, 2009 from Nola Duffy, NCGenWeb CC and former ASC, comprising of no less than 2,068 words harassing another USGenWeb CC.

The CC being harassed is the same CC Nola Duffy has been harassing ever since 2003. Knowing that the CC is mentally disabled, according to a message posted on a public list July 31, 2007 Duffy admits to the harassment intended to cause the already disabled CC more bodily harm: "... as for saying I would intentionally cause you [the CC] emotional duress, it was part of a private message," Duffy confessed.

"I have told you over and over again, year after year, to stop harassing, stalking, and intimidating me," was in the reply from the CC to Duffy's first message. The CC had to repeat, "STOP HARASSING ME" three additional times in progressively larger font before Duffy ceased.

The event of December 13 was preceded with another four harassing messages sent to the disabled CC by Nola Duffy on December 7th and 8th with no less than 1,694 words.

So what was Nola's December 13th problem? She did not like our Blog post of December 7, 2009 being made known to her fellow NCGenWeb CCs exposing her intentional harassment of the disabled CC. Nola has threatened to sue this reporter, "if all references to my name or references to the NCGenWeb are not removed immediately."

Duffy goes on (and on and on and on): "It [sic: If] requested to do so, I will also pay any legal expenses to sue on behalf of the entire the entire [sic] USGenWeb if the blatantly false information and Daryl's threats of pending litigation against the entire USGenWeb are not removed at the same time. This offer has already been made to the AB so it is up to them to decide. Daryl has absolutely no legal basis or any cause of action so his threats can only be designed to further disrupt the USGenWeb."

Sigh, this is what happens when someone is ill-informed as to what the word "fair" means. Not to mention the Rights of Members. This reporter has seen 'Daryl vs. USGenWeb Corruption' and it is beyond any reasonable doubt that Daryl was denied multiple Rights of Members multiple times. Daryl is simply following another Right mentioned in the Sturgis Rights of Members chapter, "If any of the associational, property, or parliamentary rights of a member are violated, legal action may be taken against the organization." For those not familiar, Sturgis is the rule book of the Advisory Board who have participated in the denial of Rights.

The subject of harassment is being discussed on Board-Exec, the sekrit sandbox of the Advisory Board. The harassed CC reports having complained to the AB several times since 2003, but the AB refused to anything about it. The CC even sent a Motion to the AB declaring Nola an Member Not In Good Standing, for the harassment, but the AB denied the CC their right to present motions. Motions are presented on the Board list.