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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

December 31, 2009

Mentally Challenged

Live! From Pulau Selma, it's your USGenWeb B.S.!!

(Our apology to Jeff Murphy, USGenWeb Founder for modifying his term USGenWeb B.S. into USGenWeb Board Stuff)

We found a message on the SW list not long ago where a CC requested two items be added to the Advisory Board Agenda:

1. Discussion of what the consequences should be for SCs who refuse to uphold the rules of the Project.

2. Discussion of what the consequences should be for members of the AB including the NC who refuse to uphold the rules of the Project.

This prompted us to ask the CC, what's up? "I would like to challenge the AB to discuss items that are actually of importance to the well-being of the USGenWeb as a whole," sayeth the CC to the AB, "Seeing as though the #1 and #2 bylaw-mandated duties of the AB are to uphold the bylaws and the Rights of Members, I would like to propose two items to be added to the AB Agenda.

"These items are of importance because historically, the vast majority of grievances are CC vs. SC for the SC refusing to uphold rules; and because historically, the AB only upholds rules when the member-in-question is of the proper political clique."

The AB was stunned into an Alfred E Newman, "What, me worry?" mentally challenged stupor. The AB has been very busy in their sekrit sanbox (the Board-Exec list) stabbing each other in the back with distrust and infighting. They are not up to the challenge, They are busy with other very important USGenWeb business: what to re-name the Webmaster (Web Site manager); how to re-draft the CC & SC Guidelines (appoint a committee because they can't do it them selves); re-doing Motions (because they can't get the year right the first time); and of course their own person agenda items (how to get revenge on the CCs they don't like).

Sooner or later -- and probably sooner than later -- the AB will have to learn how to deal with the faults of USGenWeb leadership, including their own.

Selamat Tahun Baru,
(Happy New Year)
Mary White