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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

November 21, 2011

It Rolls downhill

Since they killed The Daryl, they have been attacking each other. Over the past month or two, they have been discussing how to destroy other Volunteers if they were considered to be harassing another member. Well, Dear Ones, they used to take great pleasure in piling on The Daryl, calling him everything from a pedophile, criminal, shithead and other niece words, going to his house, taking photos of his house and in general shitting on him on the Net to the delighted leadership. They dropped their goal of killing members who they considered were harassing others because someone realized how stupid it was. Here is some other  poo-poo.

(To a  usgenweb list )Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 12:35:08 PM
Subject: Re: [ABChat] Next Agenda Item, Discussion regarding unresponsive State Coordinators is now open.

Thanks, Sherri:
Sorry about my delay.  I think I missed this.

Anyway, I placed this item on the agenda because I have had problems reaching at least 2 different SCs when I had questions about the state and about other issues in those states.

I believe both SCs were grandfathered SCs.  I don't have a problem with the rule that grandfathered some SCs, but I do have a problem when the SC is not responsive to their own CCs, from questions sent by surfers to the SC or when the EC members contact them, or when anyone from the Board attempts to contact them.

I firmly believe that the SCs have a responsibility to be in touch and be available when they take on the roll of being a State Coordinator.  Why would they be in that position if they do not want to help make a difference for others.  Along with that goes the responsibility of being part of the USGenWeb and thus being responsive, not only to researchers,
but also to the USGenWeb itself.  It is unconscionable to be unresponsive in that position.  It's one thing to have issues come up and time periods when one cannot be reached, but not on any long term basis.

One SC I repeatedly sent emails to over a period of time and never once received a response.  Finally, I emailed an ASC and got a wholly negative response from that person.

I believe there needs to be some procedure to deal with unresponsive SCs.
I would like to hear from others on this issue.  Thanks.

end quote

What the AB does not realize is that the SC's and ASC's have finally got their head out of the sand and want nothing to do with an imperial Advisory Board who has all but destroyed one of the finest organizational in the genealogy world.
For The Daryl