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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

December 03, 2011

Throw the Baby Out !

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 has grossed $550,000,000. Fans, millions of young teens, are willing to spend their month’s allowance to see a Vampire and a cute human girl roll around in the marriage bed. The acting is terrible, but the characters are handsome. Movie producers will not throw good money after bad. They know where the $$$’s are. But that is precisely what the Online Genealogy Projects are doing, Wasting Good time and Energy into losing enterprises.
Take a quick look at USGenNet. The whole of it is but a hollow trunk. They have sunk mucho bucks into that ill-fated mouse trap since 1998. Everything failed. Their US Data Repository has been around for years. It is an empty bucket. Empty. The few web sites they still sponsor are some of the worst in the world of genealogy: empty websites. Yet, it hangs on, polluting the Internet.
ALHN: Good idea, except they followed the same format as USGenWeb. On the Alaska site, for instance, they say this:
Notice: ALHN AK is hosted by USGenNet, Inc., a nonprofit Safe Haven educational web-hosting service providing historical and historical-genealogical Free-access websites. USGenNet is solely supported by tax-deductible contributions. If you have received a benefit from your visit here today, please consider making a contribution to USGenNet and support Free-access online history and genealogy.

I ask you this: Is our job as genealogists to support USGenNet or to put data online? Which?

On the California ALHN site are 47 counties up for adoption. I’m not picking on California or Alaska, they are typical of the web sites at ALHN. They have been following the USGenWeb format since creation with marked failure. One definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing over and over expecting different results. Time to give it up.

Over on TTTP the most prominent request is for Volunteers. One TTTP’er even went of Facebook and asked for 500 volunteers to come to TTTP’s rescue. FIVE-HUNDRED?? Where they coming from?
Time to give it up.
The other two Projects Genealogy trails and Lost Souls are in the same sinking boat. They had grand ideas, but where are the Volunteers? A logical tact would be to join USGenWeb. Of course, the stench is so bad at USGenWeb that few knowledgeable volunteers world venture into those polluted waters.

This leaves one Project to consider.You do know where volunteers, technical support, great management and state of the art FREE web space. You can see the water, but only you will decide to drink. If you prefer to die of thrust, so be it.

For The Daryl

November 27, 2011

Destroy Everyone

USGW eats their own. The AB killed all of the opponents of the imperial rulers. With no one else to kill, they are going after their own flesh. Destroy the SC's. Destroy 'em all, they say.
Cyndie wrote:
Just a suggestion...I think that there should be a notification of the non-response to the State Coordinator list after reasonable attempts to contact them but prior to beginning a recall process.

Pat Replied:
I totally agree.  But if such notification is to be a requirement, then that rule has to be written some place.
Where? Should we rewrite Standard Rule II. REMOVAL OF AN SC OR ASC. to include a list of valid reasons for removal and requirements of notice and procedures?
Or should the steps preceding initiation of a recall process be left to the AB members to decide, based on specific circumstances of the situation and point in time?
end garbage quote
Yes, Dear ones, The AB now eats their own children. The day is near when SC's will be an endangered species. The unholy bond between the AB and the SC's has produced a mix of Voodoo and blood letting.
See it is, so be it.
For The Daryl