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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

January 17, 2012

Oh, My, God !!!!!

Dis-functional Paralysis: It's difficult to describe USGenWeb, to put it into words. In my dream, an Angel told me USGenWeb was suffering from Dis-functional Paralysis syndrome.
USGenWeb is a monster with at least five heads. The paranoid State Coordinators who never agree on anything. The CC's who have no clue what-up. The NC who takes her Que from the RAL, and the Advisory Board who cannot decide what their purpose is in life. It's a mixed up, crazy, mentally intoxicated organization too paralyzed to act in a rational or mature manner on just about every issue or imagined issue.
This is truly a day of days.

January 16, 2012

Girls Gone Wild

From our friends at USGenWeb, the sky is still falling, aliases are smashing everything. The latest of a long, dragged-out(drugged out?) discussion comprised mostly of bullshit ideas, comes this.
At 01:40 PM 1/15/2012, Nancy rote: Another thought...if someone chooses to use an alias, there should probably be a restriction that it cannot be offensive to the public at large. As much as I hate putting controls throughout the project, it may make sense to state that an alias must be approved prior to adding it to a site within the project.
The aliases have been invading USGenWeb from the mini-planet of Pluto since NCGenWeb was created. When are those volunteers going to get a clue and join one of the Pleasant Projects? It beats the hell out of me!
Meanwhile back in the real world: The YMCA (the Y) shut down everything in Northern Nevada. Lack of Money was the culprit. Was it? The Y was a great idea 50 years ago. It was a place where middle-class parents sent their kids for recreation and to meet new friends. Kids today spend their time on the computer and cell phones.
One citizen said the Y will never die because it is an idea, not a building. No, it’s dead, believe me, It Is Dead. It’s like some of those marginal Genealogy Projects hanging on for life. Does a Project really need to be incorporated? For what reason? A famous example of a failed Project was the incorporation in Florida GenWeb. Do Projects really need a Board of Directors? Do Projects really need an Advisory Board that controls rather than advises? Do we have to grit out teeth because USGenNet is fading into the sunset? Those are IDEAS. People are stubborn. They hate change, even change for the best.

Kristen Stewart: I did some digging and found that the five foot actress who is a multimillionaire bought a home in LA when she turned 18 years old. Who shares that big house with her? Does she really smoke cigarettes? What does she eat to look sixteen forever? About her using the Xxxk word. I found the original statement on a video clip from a Red Carpet event. She did not say, Xxxk everyone and be happy. She said, Xxxk everyone and be healthy. She immediately corrected herself. What I meant to say was, don’t  worry what others think and be healthy. The X-word? She uses it often, as do others her age.

A jewel on the net that may be the next “in” thing is  Tumblr. This could be used for a nice genealogy blog by someone if they find this blog too offensive.