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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

April 24, 2010

Mutt & Jeff

So much corruption, so little time

Before we return to continue my last post about Mutt & Jeff, I have just been informed that this Blog now has closer to 300 subscribers than 400. I am not allowed to know exactly how many we have nor who they are. After all, I certainly would not want my posts to be biased. Especially since one of the new subscribers is an official of the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) which the USGenWeb is (currently) allegedly a member of.

Now on to Mutt (Dale 'FraudMan' Grimm) and Jeff 'Fruit Loop' Kemp. But first, the name calling by members of the Advisory Board disclosed in my previous post, is still being permitted on USGenWeb lists by USGenWeb National Coordinator Sherri 'BradyBunch' Bradley with Tina Vickery using the SouthWest Regional list to call Daryl Lytton, "You are a tedious, boring, arrogant and an ignorant individual" much to the delight of Mr. Lytton, who treasures every moment Tina endears him. Tina is the USGenWeb Representive At Large.

Before we get to Mutt & Jeff we have an important announcement to make. We are going to be exposing some USGenWeb corruption at the highest levels. There is so much to tell, we may resort to brief posts here and link them to our associated Web site for more details. This involves the National Coordinator, the Representive At Large, the USGenWeb Grievance Committee, and other prominent members. Welcome to the real USGenWeb, FGS!

In other news, I have received two comments on my NCGenWeb posts, which I thought important enough to Blog about than leave them as comments. They will be presented tomorrow.

Amd now for Dale 'FraudMan' Grimm, the OHGenWeb State Coordinator allowed a seat on the AB even though he does not fit the description of Member In Good Standing, as required by the USGenWeb bylaws to be on the AB. Dale has been informed several time that his OHGenWeb state pages has an altered "OHGenWeb Email Code of Ethics" voted into place by the CCs years ago.

You will no longer find it named "Code of Ethics" because it has been altered by either Dale Grimm, or the previous SC, Sandra Quinn, in an attempt to hide the fact that Quinn broke the "Code of Ethics" when she expelled Daryl from the OHGenWeb. Dale Grimm has so far refused to restore the original version to the OHGenWeb state pages. That's not all of Dale's grim corruption, but how he earned the "FraudMan" title will remain for another post.

As for Jeff "Fruit Loop" Kemp, he is another member of the AB supposedly a MIGS. However, Jeff is also a NCGenWeb CC who has been caught voting to approve NCGenWeb rules which are in conflict with the USGenWeb bylaws. According to the USGenWeb bylaws, states can develop their own rules as long as they do not conflict with the bylaws, and the bylaw duty of the AB is to perform the duties of the bylaws.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, huh Jeff? Speaking of web, Jeff is also the USGenWeb Webmaster. However, he is unable to find the broken link on the USGenWeb Bylaws page although he has been told about it several times. The broken link is to the USGenWeb Project's Official Copyright Policy.

We now say farewell to Dale and Jeff. As is my practice I subscribe people-of-interest to my posts, then un-subscribe them when no longer interesting.

Mary White

April 21, 2010

AB Corruption

It's bad enough that some members of the Advisory Board mock each other on their Sekrit Sandbox list (Board-Exec), but a real lack of maturity is displayed when they make fun of one AB member who respects the USGenWeb Bylaws and Rights of Members to have fair hearings.

We are speaking of W. David Samuelsen, who today posted a message on the Board list protesting the illegality of a proposed motion under discussion. The motion wants to try and hide corruption within the USGenWeb, by making the entire grievance process confidential.

The motion seeks to amend the Grievance Committee Procedures, by adding confidentiality rules. In two places the motion calls for the parties involved in a grievance to "automatically and immediately lose the grievance," if they talk about the grievance with anyone outside of the Grievance Committee.

Hence the motion is illegal, because both Sturgis and the Bylaws give members the right to a fair hearing. And Sturgis, the USGenWeb parliamentary authority (the AB rule book), states that the rights of members can only be limited in the bylaws. The reason for this is to prevent the AB from what they are currently attempting to do, subvert the authority of the membership who votes into place bylaws and bylaw amendments.

Some members of the AB believe the USGenWeb can be made a better place for the membership, more honorable and more honest, via hiding the corruption of leadership by sweeping it under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind, by making it illegal to talk about and expose crime in the USGenWeb. To say this is anti-American is putting it politely.

So who said what? In reply to David, AB member Dale Grimm wrote, "And water will stop running downhill and giant asteroids will destroy our planet," to which Jeff Kemp added, "I heard Kellogg's is looking for a new mascot for their 'Fruit Loop' cereal box!"

We will have more to say as to why Dale Grimm and Jeff Kemp (aka Mutt & Jeff) are two of the corrupt members of the Advisory Board, later. Meanwhile we suggest both resign from the AB, and join a project more suitable for their maturity, The USGenWeb Kidz Project.

Mary White