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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

April 21, 2010

AB Corruption

It's bad enough that some members of the Advisory Board mock each other on their Sekrit Sandbox list (Board-Exec), but a real lack of maturity is displayed when they make fun of one AB member who respects the USGenWeb Bylaws and Rights of Members to have fair hearings.

We are speaking of W. David Samuelsen, who today posted a message on the Board list protesting the illegality of a proposed motion under discussion. The motion wants to try and hide corruption within the USGenWeb, by making the entire grievance process confidential.

The motion seeks to amend the Grievance Committee Procedures, by adding confidentiality rules. In two places the motion calls for the parties involved in a grievance to "automatically and immediately lose the grievance," if they talk about the grievance with anyone outside of the Grievance Committee.

Hence the motion is illegal, because both Sturgis and the Bylaws give members the right to a fair hearing. And Sturgis, the USGenWeb parliamentary authority (the AB rule book), states that the rights of members can only be limited in the bylaws. The reason for this is to prevent the AB from what they are currently attempting to do, subvert the authority of the membership who votes into place bylaws and bylaw amendments.

Some members of the AB believe the USGenWeb can be made a better place for the membership, more honorable and more honest, via hiding the corruption of leadership by sweeping it under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind, by making it illegal to talk about and expose crime in the USGenWeb. To say this is anti-American is putting it politely.

So who said what? In reply to David, AB member Dale Grimm wrote, "And water will stop running downhill and giant asteroids will destroy our planet," to which Jeff Kemp added, "I heard Kellogg's is looking for a new mascot for their 'Fruit Loop' cereal box!"

We will have more to say as to why Dale Grimm and Jeff Kemp (aka Mutt & Jeff) are two of the corrupt members of the Advisory Board, later. Meanwhile we suggest both resign from the AB, and join a project more suitable for their maturity, The USGenWeb Kidz Project.

Mary White


Anonymous said...

The AB constantly has their "sekret sandbox" meetings. Oftentimes most members of the AB are never informed nor even privy to these sekret sandbox meetings. They did this over the copyright violations that are happening within the NCGenWeb Project. They are now telling their CC's to copy any of Diane's pages that they want, that Sherri and Tina have given them permission even though it breaks US Copyright Laws Title 17. I foresee the fall of the USGenWeb because of people like Sherri, Tina and the corrupt at NCGenWeb. People are talking and it isn't very nice. They are also demanding that their information be removed from the NCGenWeb sites. Then people can read comments like the ones that Dale and Jeff made to David, shame shame! The AB and the USGenWeb Project has gotten too big for their britches and let their mockingbirg mouths override their hummingbird asses!

Charles Barnum said...

I see that "Mary, the Little Lamb" is a busy girl.
She has produced another fine blog this morning after a silence that brought tears to my eyes. You GO Mary!

I'm thrilled that someone has taken up the cross in exposing corruption and the crude practices in usgenweb. I love Mary White.

The permanent record called had a humble beginning in a sleepy State in the Southwest. A SC had wantonly crushed another CC, no news there. The problem arose when the AB negligently declined to consider his grievance for over a year and then took another year to put it to rest with a smelly ruling. They violated the golden rule of a ruthless ruler, "Deliver pleasure in small doses, and pain quickly." They do the opposite. They drag out a ruling forever, delivering the most pain possible to the CC. The only pleasure delivered is to the SCs who are free to enjoy their endless and often sadistic rule over CCs. An authority no CC voted for, and were never told about before entering the service of usgenweb.
As a former GAGenWeber once said, "I hope USGenWeb dies a terrible death." I feel his pain. Let it roll, Mary White. God Bless you. Let it roll.

Anonymous said...

I saw reference to this blog on the board list. Although I may not agree with everything posted here, I must say yesterday's postings on the board list were disturbing. Using personal insults only degrades the person making the remarks. Members of the board should conduct themselves to a higher standard, with their behavior setting an example to the membership in regards to expected professional behavior on project lists. I feel they failed miserably yesterday with this important task.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. At least the national coordinator and one board member publicly made note on the official business list inferring basically that such remarks were unacceptable. Seriously, the project has earned a reputation among members of the genealogical community for long-term bad behavior and internal fighting. What would members of other national organizations like the NGS, APG, FGS, etc. think of their leaders if they witnessed such personal insults and "cute sarcastic remarks" flying on a publicly archived board business list? Or worse yet, what would they think of USGenWeb for such behavior? This childish and unprofessional behavior must stop, if for nothing else, the good of the project.

Anonymous said...

It looks like David has a far better grasp and understanding of Sturgis than most board members. He even uses quotes and page references in presenting his position doesn't he? This is far more than I have seen some others do with their position. Perhaps the organization would be better served if more time was spent by board members actually obtaining a copy of Sturgis and then studying it in forming their position rather than coming up with sarcastic remarks and personal insults that go over like a fart in church. Sorry, but David won this debate hands down not only due to his presentation of facts, but more especially when the personal insults were dished out.

Charles Barnum said...

David is right on this issue. I hold him in higher esteem now. He and I never got along but my hat is off to him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous mentioned copyright violations and said NCGenWeb was " telling their CC's to copy any of Diane's pages that they want". I seem to recall one of their own CCs resigned last summer because Diane, who was then the SC, tried to get the CC to post copyright images on one of the NCGenWeb county sites. Illegal is illegal, but what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps the organization would be better off if elected officers would stay off project lists personally attacking others in front of the members and anyone else on the World Wide Web who unfortunately stumbles across such childish displays of emotion in a silly tit for tat dialogue. Can folks in this organization not agree to disagree without getting nasty and personal? In this organization when you think you've seen it all, there's always someone else eagerly willing, waiting and able to show their rear end in all its glory in front of a worldwide audience. After seeing such childish bantering back and forth, who in their right mind would ever want to join such an organization? And where are the list moderators? I thought personal attacks were not to be tolerated on project lists. Come on USGenWeb...we're better than this!