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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

January 28, 2011

AB Resignation

From: Colleen


Date: 1/28/2011 12:10:51 PM


Please consider this my resignation from the Advisory Board. For several months I've no longer felt I could make a difference in the USGenWeb. It seems lately, that the only thing on the AB's agenda is to go after people and bring them down, or lay out more rules. The *_Advisory_* Board no longer functions as its name says, but has become more or less a dictatorial group. This isn't the USGenWeb I joined back in 1998.

Sadly, I feel you are one of the people that is helping to destroy the project. You are two-faced, saying things out of one side of your mouth, then turning and saying or implying something else. As NC, your dabbling in the grievances is reprehensible. Your micro-management of everything is totally unwarranted. Your tenacity to show favoritism is contemptible.

I would also warn others that if they should ever file a grievance, to expect your hand right in the middle of it, something that is totally against procedure.

I am no longer interested in serving on a Board whose sole purpose has become self-satisfaction instead of encouraging a quality project. To the members of the NWPL, please accept my humble apology for leaving my post before the end of my term. I hope my replacement can achieve on the AB what I couldn't.

Colleen Pustola
NWPL SC Representative