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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

January 28, 2011

AB Resignation

From: Colleen


Date: 1/28/2011 12:10:51 PM


Please consider this my resignation from the Advisory Board. For several months I've no longer felt I could make a difference in the USGenWeb. It seems lately, that the only thing on the AB's agenda is to go after people and bring them down, or lay out more rules. The *_Advisory_* Board no longer functions as its name says, but has become more or less a dictatorial group. This isn't the USGenWeb I joined back in 1998.

Sadly, I feel you are one of the people that is helping to destroy the project. You are two-faced, saying things out of one side of your mouth, then turning and saying or implying something else. As NC, your dabbling in the grievances is reprehensible. Your micro-management of everything is totally unwarranted. Your tenacity to show favoritism is contemptible.

I would also warn others that if they should ever file a grievance, to expect your hand right in the middle of it, something that is totally against procedure.

I am no longer interested in serving on a Board whose sole purpose has become self-satisfaction instead of encouraging a quality project. To the members of the NWPL, please accept my humble apology for leaving my post before the end of my term. I hope my replacement can achieve on the AB what I couldn't.

Colleen Pustola
NWPL SC Representative


Anonymous said...

Colleen is right, but as it has been said before. The USGW cares not for the right thinking mind, they want yes people and do nasty people, and site squaters, like a lot of those on the Florida site they have, nothing useful coming from those pages.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Colleen, good to know there is someone in the world that still has brains. Sherri depends upon her plebes and you are showing you are not one of them. Nothing right about how the USGW is now being ran.

Anonymous said...

As for comment # 1 States- Nothing good coming from the USGW FLGen site- notice also how they do not place the USGW before the FLGenweb part, almost like they are ashamed of just what they did in that state.Looks like they are tring to hide the fact of how they cheated to obtain that state project,I do understand they did not get the Fl.state project and thus, had to fill the hole that Sherri,Laverne,and Patrice created. What a nasty bunch they make together, and a very bad state project it is also. Maybe if Sherri asks real nice Florida might allow them to link to there thriving project.Take a look boys and girls, FLGenWeb Project,Inc. if I have that right,is moving right along, and without all the hoopla found in the USGW. Right on Florida Inc.