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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

November 27, 2011

Destroy Everyone

USGW eats their own. The AB killed all of the opponents of the imperial rulers. With no one else to kill, they are going after their own flesh. Destroy the SC's. Destroy 'em all, they say.
Cyndie wrote:
Just a suggestion...I think that there should be a notification of the non-response to the State Coordinator list after reasonable attempts to contact them but prior to beginning a recall process.

Pat Replied:
I totally agree.  But if such notification is to be a requirement, then that rule has to be written some place.
Where? Should we rewrite Standard Rule II. REMOVAL OF AN SC OR ASC. to include a list of valid reasons for removal and requirements of notice and procedures?
Or should the steps preceding initiation of a recall process be left to the AB members to decide, based on specific circumstances of the situation and point in time?
end garbage quote
Yes, Dear ones, The AB now eats their own children. The day is near when SC's will be an endangered species. The unholy bond between the AB and the SC's has produced a mix of Voodoo and blood letting.
See it is, so be it.
For The Daryl

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

eeeyup. Leave it to Pat to want to create yet another rule. "Or should the steps preceding initiation of a recall process be LEFT TO THE AB MEMBERS TO DECIDE?" Really, Pat? Hasn't the ADVISORY Board overstepped their name enough already?