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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

April 03, 2010

NCGenWeb Part 4/5

Where have all the flowers gone?

From: Diane
Date: 3/5/2010 4:01:07 AM
To: NCGenWeb-L
Subject: [NCGenWeb] One Final Note

Hi all,

Due to the recent direction that the NCGenWeb Board has decided to take I am resigning as SC of the NCGenWeb Project effective immediately. Since the board has chosen to take a vote (without my knowledge) to change my tenure as your SC from the 2 years I was voted in to 1 year without any discussion with myself or with any of you as well as ignoring the CC's who did say something (then adding it into the bylaws), I don't agree with this practice and I won't back it any longer. In doing so and in speaking up things have gone from bad to worse. I have been told that I had better walk away from being the SC as well as away from the NCGenWeb Project if "I know what is good for me". I have also been told that my sites fail to uphold the standards of the NCGenWeb requirements that they are cookie cutter sites and a disgrace to everyone that comes to visit them and that they are terrible, etc.

Well, in answer to that, I say, at least my sites had no broken links, and they were updated at least monthly, most of them weekly. With 30 sites to maintain it is kind of hard to be on top of every little thing. The NCGenWeb Board has gone in a direction where I am no longer proud to say I am a part of the NCGenWeb Project. They are complaining and plotting about people that don't have their sites on the NCGenWeb servers, they are complaining about people that advertise their sites on Facebook and other blogs and venues. They are trying to turn into a dictatorship and they have already picked the next SC to replace me and I have been told in no uncertain terms to leave the NCGenWeb Project so that this person can take over.

Oh, I am sure they will tell you this is all lies, but please, watch yourselves and keep your eyes and ears open.

I am also resigning as CC from the NCGenWeb Project and I have moved all 30 of my sites to another server and will continue to maintain them. I have also deleted all of them from the NCGenWeb servers. I am going to miss some of you, we have grown close in our contact that we have had and I hope it does continue. I am still just a phone call or an email away. That will not change. If you need me, I will be here.

NCGenWeb Special Projects

But wait, that's not all you get ... AFTER Diane resigned, THEN the NCGenWeb Board voted to remove her. This action by NCGenWeb violated two USGenWeb rules. First, all members have the right to a fair hearing before punishment. Second, elected officers can be removed only by the authority that elected them, which in this case was the NCGenWeb membership not the Board.

NCGenWeb, Inc., does not appear willing to play by the rules of the USGenWeb. So why are they a part of the USGenWeb? Recently the NCGenWeb CCs have voted into place some rules which conflict with the USGenWeb bylaws, a violation of Bylaw XII E, "State projects are empowered to develop/adopt any additional rules/bylaws and guidelines, as appropriate, for their state so long as they do not conflict with these bylaws."

To make a bad situation worse USGenWeb Advisory Board member Jeff Kemp, is one of the NCGenWeb CCs who have voted to approve the NCGenWeb rules that conflict with the USGenWeb bylaws.

Tomorrow will be Part 5/4 of this saga, but that isn't the end of the story. A new section of our companion Web site will be opened with further information and proof, including what appears to be an attempt at extortion (as defined by the Hobbs Act) by the NCGenWeb, Inc. Board. We will post a message here when the new section is open.

Mary White

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