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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

June 22, 2010

GC Confessions

Grievance Committee Confessions

by Diane Siniard

[A bit of background first -- Sherri is the current National Coordinator and Diane is a candidate for NC in the upcoming election. Witch Hunt, Merriam-Webster, "2: the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (as political opponents) with unpopular views." --Mary]

> [Original Message]

> From: Sherri
> To:
> Date: 6/15/2010 2:51:00 PM
> Subject: [BOARD] Disciplinary Hearing Convened -
> Diane Siniard
> For the record, a disciplinary hearing is being
> convened to hear the following charges:
> The Advisory Board has been requested to conduct
> a disciplinary hearing for Diane Siniard, member
> of COGenWeb and MOGenWeb, for the charge of
> breaching the confidentiality of Grievance
> 2009-08-15 for which Ms. Siniard served as the
> Chair of the Grievance Committee.
> This is evidenced by:
> 1) the sharing of private GC communications with
> parties involved in Grievance 2009-08-15 as
> demonstrated within the evidence submitted to the
> AB for the resulting disciplinary hearing against
> two FLGenWeb, Inc. members.
> 2) the posting of private GC communications to
> the archived SWSC list that included the name of
> a party to Grievance 2009-08-15. See
> This breach of confidentiality is in direct
> violation of Section A, Subsection Qualifications,
> Paragraph 3 of the Grievance Committee Procedures
> voted into effect by the membership
> "Because grievances are considered personnel
> matters, all volunteers must state that they are
> willing to abide by strict confidentiality
> requirements.
> Volunteers must also state that they understand
> that violation of this confidentiality agreement
> will mean immediate expulsion from the Grievance
> Committee, and could result in determination of
> Member Not in Good Standing by the Advisory
> Board."
> Ms. Siniard maintains the following USGenWeb
> member sites:
> - COGenWeb: La Plata Co
> - COGenWeb: San Miguel
> - MOGenWeb: MO in the Civil War
> Sherri Bradley
> National Coordinator
> For the Advisory Board

> [Original Message]
> From: Sherri
> To:
> Date: 6/15/2010 7:38:19 PM
> Subject: Re: [BOARD] Disciplinary Hearing Convened
> - Diane Siniard
> A bit of additional information - the hearing will
> be chaired by Cyndie Enfinger at my request. There
> is a separate email list that has been set up that
> I will subscribe all members of the AB and Diane
> to so that they can participate if they choose to
> do so. Anyone that chooses not to participate
> and/or refuses to agree to follow the requirements
> that are set by the chair will be unsubscribed
> from the list. Cyndie will be sending out
> additional information to all involved, I'm sure.
> Sherri Bradley
> National Coordinator
> USGenWeb Project

Hi to all of the readers out there.

Below is a link to all of the emails that I have been promising you that I would reveal about Sherri and Tina and all of their corruption, breaking of bylaws, GC rules and procedures, etc.

I resigned from being the Grievance Committee Chair on March 5, 2009 at 4:01 EST. Since then I have become public enemy #1 as far as Tina and Sherri are concerned because I know too much about their violations of USGenWeb rules. I have also been bold enough to start letting the truth come out and they don’t like that one bit.

Even Nola Duffy went nuts about me releasing the truth and was threatening to sue Daryl and Charles for posting some of the information I sent to them. I tell you the USGenWeb is so full of corruption and dirty politics I don’t know if it will ever recover from it.

I hope this helps to explain a lot of things to you and opens your eyes about what really goes on in the world of the USGenWeb, the National Coordinator and the Grievance Committee, and helps to you to decide how to vote in the upcoming election!

We really need to bring Sherri and Tina up on charges of breaking confidentiality, the rules and bylaws of the Project, and find them both Member Not In Good Standing for life.

I am running to be the next National Coordinator and I promise you that if I am elected there will not be any of this stuff going on. The Grievance Committee will be left alone to handle their own business with no interference, comments, etc from me unless asked for and then I will CC it to another honest member of the Advisory Board so it can be put on the record. I will make sure that everything is done above board and not behind closed doors like Tina, Sherri and their little clique have done for the past several years.

I am involved in a Disciplinary Hearing for releasing 3 emails that were sent from Sherri to me that I posted on the SW Regional list as well as supposedly sending Florida all the emails while their grievance was ongoing. But as you will see from the emails, I sent them well over a month after I left the GC and their hearing was already over. Also, what can they do? I am blowing the whistle on their corruption. The law is on my side. If they do proceed with this railroading bogus hearing and I lose, I will post all of this all over the Internet for everyone to find and read.

So, what is it going to be? Are Sherri and Tina going to be removed? Or is this bogus hearing going to be allowed to move forward?

Grab a glass of sweet tea, sit back and relax and read the extensive listing of emails and yes, I do still have the originals if needed. Some of this might shock you, or it may not. Depending on how well you know the Almighty Tina and the Almighty Sherri.

Grievance Committee Confessions:

After you read everything, please feel free to come back here and add your comment below.

Diane Siniard


Anonymous said...

Diane Siniard is toast.

Anonymous said...

I see the more things change the more they stay the same.

-Teresa Lindquist
The Daily Board Show
yeah, we aren't dead yet

Anonymous said...

And the more things change, the more they WILL stay the same. A certain little group has had an iron grip on the project for years - always has, always will. The rules don't seem to apply to them at all, and if anyone questions things going wrong, or goes against them, it seems the rules will be used to run them out of the project or hush them up. They think they are the saviors of the project against some big bad evil, but in essence it is THEIR behavior that is KILLING the project over time. The project can't stand much more of this, as so many have already left and more will continue to leave. No wonder there are so many local projects up for adoption and have been up for adoption for a long time. Hello? Potential volunteers are not begging to become members....but no wonder there. It won't be long before the project will be nothing more than a "has been" organization full of vacant sites, or multiple local sites being baby-sitted by a few. It already seems to be getting to that awful point in time.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Diane's hearing not on a public list? It's not like anyone doesn't know what she is being charged with and since she is the only one involved, I'm quite sure she wouldn't care if it were in public.

Anonymous said...

Teresa may be right (above). Things haven't changed, only the names change, the issues remain the same. yawn ... same ole, same old. How boring is that? yawn ... we watch the AB repeat the same old mistakes every year, it's The Bored Daily Show.


Anonymous said...

So, let me get this right - the AB is going to hold a disciplinary hearing against the person who apparently supplied evidence that the GC was being influenced by persons who should not have been involved? What about the person or persons who were shown to be involved? When and where is THEIR disciplinary hearing for not adhering to the rules going to be held??!! Utterly unbelievable - only in USGW.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems the current NC Sherri is just digging her hole even deeper than ever. I just read on some of the lists that she has served Diane with a Disciplinary Hearing notice for violating Grievance Committee Confidentiality. What a joke! Diane released 3 emails that Sherri sent to Diane exposing Sherri's involvement in the Florida grievance. Is this a ploy by Sherri, Tina and their clique to get Diane removed from the current election? Seems to me this is a ploy to save their asses. They want to once again hide the real truth from the members and try to shut Diane up. Seems it isn't working though. I have seen some posts from Diane, as well as a demand for Sherri's removal from office for not making the hearing public.

Seems to me Sherri is running scared and is backed into a corner because she knows DIane holds all of the cards as well as her future in her hands. Hence the bogus hearing to find Diane MNIGS. Hell, there isn't even anything in the bylaws, rules or procedures on how to find someone MNIGS. What are they going to do make it up as they go along like they do everything else? What a tangled web Sherri has woven for herself. I believe Diane has the upper hand in all of this because there is a whistleblowers law that protects her and with that there isn't a damn thing that Sherri, the AB or anyone else can do to her. If they do she can sue the hell out of them. I have read a lot of cases on it and judges really frown on people who go after whistleblowers and they are always awarded monetery settlements. So Sherri, Tina and their little clique better be careful and watch out. They proceed with this hearing and find Diane MNIGS I bet she gets one of those Military Lawyers and comes back after them! Wouldn't that be a great blog posting. DIane Siniard former SC of NCGenWeb former GC Chair and MNIGS sues Sherri Bradley and Tina Vickery and is awarded a monetery settlement and Sherri and Tina are removed from the USGWP and are banned forever from the new NC Diane Siniard who was officially elected into office after it was found that Sherri and Tina had broken multiple bylaws rules and procedures.

Can you see it now? Their little clique is going down and I just can't wait to see all of this unfold and happen! If the hearing doesn't take place I hope Diane will still post the rest of her nformation. I think we all have the right to know how badly Sherri broke the rules.
As for Tina...her RAL position is up next year...wonder what all Diane has on her?

This is going to get good..stay tuned for more...

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if the whole AB is in on this new "hearing" or is it just a few? If it's just a few I find it disturbing that NO ONE on the AB is speaking up about this. And since the AB has brought up hearings, a question that needs to be asked of EVERY AB member on PUBLIC project lists is "When is the hearing going to be held for any members who got involved in GC business when they shouldn't have?" Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

After the "hearing" (top secret one I'll bet with no public vote taken) and the party is pronounced guilty, what are they gonna do? Delink Missouri and Colorado, like they did Florida, running off yet more volunteers? Or are they just gonna make it so they can't run for office? Lots of folks, in and out of the project is gonna be watching this I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

It's like someone or various people are going after the messenger and forgetting what those emails showed. Can they not even comprehend what was published in those emails? Do they even care? To me those emails showed what has been being hidden behind "confidentiality" excuses and it isn't a pretty sight and the promise of fair grievances away from the AB's input isn't necessarily what has been happening. To me, there needs to be hearings alright, but not against the one who brought all this mess to light.

Anonymous said...

Are there not laws, both Federal and state, that protect people who expose wrongdoing? Given, USGenWeb is definitely a world of it's own, they are still bound by the law of the land are they not? If I were on the AB I would definitely do a little research on the subject before taking part in all this upcoming mess, especially considering the unique circumstances of this particular issue. But then I'm not on the AB. This could all get very very interesting.

Anonymous said...

If I were Diane and the AB proceeds with this so called hearing I would submit the whole ball of wax to the National Whistleblowers Center and any other organization or agency, so fast their heads would spin.

Anonymous said...

Diane said...

I really appreciate all of the support everyone has shown with me releasing the truth about Sherri and Tina. I do think it is time for all of us to band together and let them know that enough is enough and that we won't stand for it any more. The corruption and rule breaking that have gone on in the USGWP for so many years has got to stop and this is the only way to stop it. I do have quite a lot more evidence as far as emails are concerned. If you would like to see them, you know how to find me.

I do hope that you will join me in putting a stop to Sherri and Tina and help me to stand up to them, especially come election day.

If they kick me out before then, then please vote for Billie, she will be honest and above board with you, as will Alice, David, Don and/or Sundee, Daryl, and well the rest are in the clique so that speaks for that.

So, please, when election day comes around vote for myself or Billie, Alice, David, Don and/or Sundee, Daryl. We will live up to our word and bring honesty and truth into the USGWP once again. We will also make sure that everyone that has broken the rules are punished appropriately for their actions.

Thanks again for all of the kind words and the support that you have shown. It really means a great deal to me especially right now during this madness of a witch hunt.


Anonymous said...

My question is, if they proceed to go after Diane for releasing those emails showing AB interference into the grievance process, when are they going to go after the people who actually BROKE THE RULES in the grievance process as illustrated by all those released emails? It's like they are trying to punish the messenger for daring to show that the rules were broken, but the people actually breaking the rules are carrying on as usual fine and dandy with their little group following at their side. This USGenWeb madness must stop! If nothing else, for the future of the project. Perhaps the project WOULD be better off without an AB as it appears it's business as usual. If things don't change, and change soon, I see a mass exodus from the project, more so than what was recently seen in the FLGenWeb project.

Anonymous said...

So, when the "hearing" is over, and Diane is probably branded as a MNIGS and removed from the ballot, when will the "hearing" begin for those who broke the rules as referenced in the emails Diane released? I suspect quite a few have this unanswered question on their mind. I guess folks will just have to wait and see.

Mary White said...

The above comments dated Jun 24 2010 10:54 AM to Jun 24 2010 11:29 AM were originally left on our "GC Corruption" Blog post, before this "GC Confessions" post, and so have been moved here.

Anonymous said...

ok AB, when's the hearing going to be for those who broke GC rules and regulations as shown in those released emails? If Diane is punished for revealing what has been going on behind closed doors, so then should others who violated GC rules. So far there has not been any mention of hearings other than Diane's. The project and others are waiting and watching. And what happens or does not happen will speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

I know this post is late in coming, but upon finding out just what does go on behind those closed GC and NC doors opens one eyes wide. I have also noticed the AB is right in the thick of things, is there anyone left holding an office that has a spec of honor left?

Charles Barnum said...

Honor does not matter, nor ethics.
Sherri will be re-elected.
Diane S. will be discharged from the project.
Nothing changes.

Anonymous said...

Charles, if that be the case, I strongly suspect we haven't heard the last of it....not by a long shot. This could get VERY interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Charles on his assessment of the results. Heaven forbid someone daring to expose rules not being followed in secret project places. The nerve of them! Exposing such seems to be considered the cardinal sin among some - not the actual rule breaking itself being exposed, but simply the act of exposing the rule breaking. We can't have any of that exposing rule breaking stuff going on around the project.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever noticed, when the question is brought up if any of those who may have actually broken the rules pertaining to the GC, are going to have hearings and such in addition to Diane's, some folks get real real quiet? No answers are actually forthcoming as if everyone has left the building and gone home. I guess some think if a question goes unanswered, the question will just go away. I suspect this question will linger on.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Diane being expelled from the project. To try to do so would be utterly foolish by the board. Of course, we've all seen pretty bizarre things happen in the past in this project, so who knows. But for someone to be removed from the project, this would also include state projects having to go along with this. I personally don't see that happening. Of course the board could threaten with the delinking route running off yet more valuable volunteers from the project, but the project can't stand much more of this "cut off your nose to spite your face" behavior. Also removal from the project requires a project-wide vote by the membership does it not (according to Sturgis)? I predict a MNIGS route for a period of time, thus removing them from the ballot. Wasn't this done with others in the past? The BIG question is when will the AB hold hearings for those who may have broken project rules with the GC as evidenced by the emails Diane released? If Diane is punished for releasing this information and they don't act on that information in a prudent manner with additional hearings, the board will really look bad in front of the membership and that will just publicly enforce what some people have been saying all along. The board could easily mess up big time with this whole affair, and if history over the years is any indication, they probably will.

Charles Barnum said...

All problems in USGW evolve directly or indirectly from the SC. (Diane S. was a SC, remember?)
If USGW is to have a robust internet presence, we need to eliminate the position of SC. Move all state home pages to the National server and assign volunteers to maintain the state county links.
Restrict County pages to no more than five external links.

Get rid of all exsisting Bylaws.

Elect a NC and RAL each year by popular vote. The most votes shall elect the NC. The runner up is the new RAL.
No more fixed state elections; no more silly Regional elections.

Allow more than one site per Couny. Competition is good, not bad.

Dump the Special Projects while we are at it. What good are they except for causing hard feelings?

Have you been reading all of the sue them, sue me statements? Everyone is sue happy. But In the history of USGW no one has been sued.

Sue me. I'll sue you. My name is Sue!

Anonymous said...

I expect to see very soon, sponsorship of a bylaws amendment dissolving the AB entirely, with the organization just having a national webmaster and assistant. Whether good or bad, I really do see that as a coming reality. It's just a matter of time, and will probably come a lot sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Whether Diane was a SC or not, or whether I like or dislike her, I really think she did the right thing in this particular instance. If I saw something going on that I thought was in violation of the rules, hidden from the membership under the excuse of secrecy I wouldn't keep quiet either. But that's just me. It's long past the time this organization brings business out into the open for a change, and enforces rules and abide by Sturgis equally whether an AB member, SC, or CC. Rules and procedure are not something to be used as a tool to punish someone you don't like and overlooked in some other cases. Simply put, Right is Right, and Wrong is Wrong. It would be a lot better world if more people knew the difference.

C. W. Barnum said...

...Right is as right does.
I'm surprised that William David Samuelsen has not been charged by the AB.
I'm surprised that Nola has not been charged with something.
William David has openly encouraged FLGenWeb, Inc. to sue the AB. He has proposed the abolishment of the AB (of which he is currently a member) and he has proposed dissolving the USGenWeb Project. I should mention that he has been friendly with the folks at TTTP. TTTP if you do not know it, has become the basket of choice for the estranged ranking members of USGW.
His proposals are detrimental to the USGW Project if they are enacted or not, as in encouraging people to sue the AB. All Diane did was release a few emails. William OTOH wants to destroy USGW.
Nola was instrumental in the fall of FLGenWeb if I am to believe my sources. Allegedly, prior to the fall, she encouraged the SC to lock Daryl out of the FLGW project. She allegedly also told the SC to go ahead with kicking Laverne out because she is a ‘nobody’ and the AB will not stand up for her.
Seeing how in the past, the AB seldom stood up for a CC, I can understand how Fran was taken-in by Nola. If Fran had any guts, she would release Nola's emails to the Board of Directors of FLGW so we could judge for ourselves.
I predicted earlier that within 30 days of the AB's ruling that FLGenWeb, Inc. would collapse.
That end is near. The CCs are not happy in that Project. The Board of Directors have been stripped due to resignations. They don’t seem to have any remaining talent for running websites nor complying with Florida State laws.
It's just a matter of time.

On the other side of the story, the FLGenWeb Project of USGW is growing, just as I said it would. I told ya' so. Na na na.
The best thing for the reamining CCs on the Inc. side could do is leave and join thier brothers and sisters in the real FLGenWeb.
This fiasco should serve notice on the radical
CC haters in USGW that business as usual is not okay. It should also serve notice that the States better not listen to outsiders who claim to speak for the AB.

Anonymous said...

If they held Diane's hearing in public, then Sherri might have to be sorta honest for a change. But by keeping it secret she can once again control the list she set up and Diane will hang for stuff Sherri ,Tina ,Scott,and Laverne and Shirley have all done in private. behind those closed doors of the NC- GC and let us not forget the AB some of which knew before hand the contents of the grievance against Florida.
And me thinks not enough people care to get off their backsides to vote,then again I guess one really does not need to get up and vote- just put those typing fingers to work and Vote them out

Anonymous said...

If the hearing is only about Diane, and she does not object, then why does it have to be in Private? If she publishes the hearing emails can they go after her again?

About WD Samuelsen, I bet he changes his colors after he is no longer part of the AB. He is on borrow time. Did you read his posts on the CC list? They are 4th grade quality. Does he have a disability?

Anonymous said...

As our great country is on the eve of celebrating the spirit of democracy and liberty during the 234th year of independence, here's a few tidbits of wisdom from which hopefully some folks can learn, penned by some of our past leaders that is just as pertinent today as the day they were first written:

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”
John F. Kennedy

“Don't think you're going to conceal faults by concealing evidence that they ever existed.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

“It is difficult for the common good to prevail against the intense concentration of those who have a special interest, especially if the decisions are made behind locked doors.”
Jimmy Carter

“To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men.”
Abraham Lincoln

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”
Thomas Jefferson

“All the rights secured to the citizens under the Constitution are worth nothing, and a mere bubble, except guaranteed to them by an independent and virtuous Judiciary.”
Andrew Jackson

"I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement. ”
Calvin Coolidge

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot understand the thinking behind those taking up for this secret hearing against a volunteer who saw rules being broken behind closed doors hidden away from the membership, and made it public. Is this in America for gosh sakes? I suspect most all members would be shocked at this and EVERY member needs to made aware of what is going on, even if it takes personal emails to EACH and EVERY member. Let them read for themselves. This whole sad affair needs to be laid out in front of the ENTIRE membership. Only then will such stop.

Anonymous said...

The AB unwisely started this whole mess, and they can stop it. If Diane is removed from the ballot by the AB, so then should others be removed. If Diane is punished in any form by the AB, so then should others. For the AB to do otherwise will be a slap in the face to every volunteer in this organization. Rules are rules AB, and you can't pick and choose which ones you want to enforce and which volunteers you want to punish. If the AB proceeds with this folly, the sleeping giant will wake up - the massive number of usually silent volunteers, and such going on should not sit well with most all members - and word IS spreading. The whole affair stinks to high heaven. This board is going to mess around and hurt this project beyond repair, all because of a few members' unprofessional childish petty playground games of trying to get back at someone they don't like ,and some other AB members seem to just blindly follow along. THIS is what is hurting the project.

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong what the AB is doing - on every level. It is so disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Some good posts were on the SW list yesterday. And more and more volunteers are speaking out and asking questions. More and more will, as word spreads throughout the project. There may be hope yet with the project. It's rather ironic that pointed questions posed on the list are still going unanswered and with the posting of wise words from our nation's leaders from the past, and the straight-forward questions, the list went silent. Where's the usual AB and their cheerleaders when members' questions need answering? Is it that there are NO valid answers? Sometimes NO answer can really BE an answer though. Silence can sometimes speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned earlier, the entire membership needs to be made aware of what is taking place, even if takes emails to each and every member. Let them read for themselves (the information released by Diane, and discussions on lists - the SW in particular). The emails released by Diane are straight forward and it's so easy to see what has been going on. I feel like the vast majority of the members are decent people who can tell what's going on and I suspect it will not agree with them either. Until more members become aware, it will simply be business as usual.

Anonymous said...

I think having a hearing against Diane for releasing her information that GC rules have been broken is a travesty. The GC process was the project's promise that members would have a fair and impartial hearing away from AB influence...and it looks as if this was a BROKEN promise. Of course it was all neatly hidden away from the membership and without the release of those emails, the project volunteers wouldn't even have known it. I simply can't understand how a majority of the board has gone along with this so called hearing. Makes one wonder what else is hidden from the membership under the guise of confidentiality. Can the AB not even see what has taken place? Do they even care what has taken place? If they actually cared, it looks like they would be holding hearings, but certainly NOT against the person who made all this mess public.

Teresa said...

I'm happy to see that volunteers are interested in the politics of The USGenWeb Project.
I applaud Daryl and Mary for what they put together in the way of a Blog and an Archives. I did not think I'd see such interest by the membership in my life time.

C. W. Barnum said...

The Hate Mongers in control of USGW

Ann said...

Wonder what is going on with Diane's hearing? They announced it started June 15th and here it is July 24th and still nothing has been leaked or said about it with the exception of high and mighty Linda K Lewis not being able to get Cyndie's emails. I think she broke a rule there by sending that email to a public list...shame on you Linda Lewis!
With it taking this long I bet a dime to a dollar Diane is giving them a run for their money! Everyone knows the truth will set you free and I bet the AB is having a hard time dealing with the truth being put before them about their lying conniving NC and RAL. Hell Tina can't put a sentence together without someone instructing her on how to do it. You should read some of the emails she has sent out at various times, they make absolutely no sense! Someone has always had to help her word things so she sounds like she has at least half a brain. As for Sherri, she spends her days at work tending to USGW stuff instead of tending to patients at the lab she works for. No wonder hospital labs are so backed up and you have to wait forever to get your blood drawn or for results on a blood test! They spend their time doing other things on their computers!
Back to the hearing, if Diane loses, it will be because the AB is as crooked as a dogs hind leg and with only 7 days left until the elections I am sure the AB is feeling the heat to get this hearing over before some of them might be voted out of office. Wouldn't that be a hoot if Sherri was voted out of office as well as most of the other clique members. LOL Maybe Diane would stand a fair chance then!
However, from what I have read, seen, and know from being involved in certain committees I know Diane is telling the truth and I think it is high time that the AB comes to their senses and finally makes a fair decision regarding this information and quits protecting Sherri and Tina just because they have been with the project so long and they are feared by most people. Hell, Tina has been kicked out of NC and Texas, and probably more states than that. Maine is a complete disaster area, all of her other states are all in non-compliance, Sherri breaks rules left and right and yet, no one dares say a word to them. Come on folks, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee! Do you really want people like that representing you at GenWeb conferences? I don't!
Think about it.....Diane is telling the truth, should she be punished, or should we go after the ones that never do anything and are constantly breaking rules?
Let me hear from you....

Charles Barnum said...

I feel Sherri is preferable to a phoney Oliver.
I know she said at least two things not very nice about me. I don't care. I'm a big boy.
I too wondered what has taken so loooooog with the Diane hearing.
I do agree that Tina must go, far, far away. She and Scott have harmed USGW.
The other AB members who should get the axe are:

Cyndie Enfinger
Larry Flesher
Jeff Kemp
Dale Grimm
Alice Allen

Larry has been on the board for nearly ten years.
You do not hear much about these other folks. They sit back queitly. They cast thier votes against helping members at every opportunity.
Much more attention should be given to these folks than to Sherri.
I suppose that the AB in general is fearlful if they move against Diane S. they will be accussed of dirty politics before the vote comes in. The AB was very suspect in finding Teresa MNIGS. They knew she could be elected NC if she ran. So, they made her MNIGS forever.

Tim was going to run for NC again before they gave him the politicl death sentence in Georgia.
These people are not dumb; Ruthless maybe, but not dumb.

Ann said...

I agree they are ruthless and they do play dirty politics. Just look at the new AB lineup, if that AB isn't stacked in favor of the clique I don't know what is. The CC's definitely don't stand a chance in hell now, they didn't stand much of a chance before, and now, they can all bend over and kiss their asses good bye as far as getting any kind of help in the USGWP. With Twisty words Pat in David's seat, those poor CC's will never get a word in edgewise again. I was really hoping they would get some new blood in there to stir things up but it looks like things are just getting worse. As for Diane, I KNOW she doesn't stand a chance now. They are all going to be gloating and even with all of the proof that she has there is no way in hell they will let her win that hearing. They are going to stack the deck as usual, sweep everything under the rug, dismiss whatever proof they can as inadmissable twist the words of sturgis to suit them and declare her MNIGS and kick her out. I mean, Larry is one of her SC's so you know she will be kicked out of Missouri. Gail and Colleen are her SC and ASC in Colorado, I am sure they will fight for her, but is it really fair for them to fight for her when the entire AB is against her and they could delink Colorado because of it? You know they will do it in a hot second too, just like they did Florida.
Speaking of Florida...did you know that the the MNIGS hearings and the delinking of Florida were done against the rules of the project and Sturgis? They had already been kicked out of the project so how could they find members that had already been removed MNIGS? Me thinks the AB broke some rules there...Mary might need to do some digging?

Diane Siniard said...

Due to careful consideration, long conversations with JAG, information that has been passed to me and various other things I will not be continuing with this hearing.
This hearing has been a farce since the beginning.

1. I never did sign a confidentiality agreement for the Grievance Committee.

2. Thereby this hearing is breaking the rules of the USGWP and Sturgis and my rights as a member of the Project.

3. The mailing list is supposed to be un archived but in fact it is archived and I do have screen shots to prove this and that is another violation of the rules.

4. Nothing has been done about the proof I gave about Sherri and Tina breaking the rules and bylaws of this project prior to me being brought into this hearing.

5. I asked for something to be done about Sherri breaking the rules about the notification of the hearing and nothing was done which again violates Sturgis.

6. Whistleblowers are protected by law, therefore if you wish to continue with this JAG is prepared to have their lawyers in each state file suits against each of you for violating my rights.

7. JAG is also working on the copyright violations as is the FBI that Sherri and the AB allowed the NCGenWeb to violate of the US Copyright Laws Title 17. So, you might want to be prepared for some Federal charges to come your way as well as to the NCGenWeb Project from that as well because the copyright violations are continuing. They are still continuing to copy my sites up to and including new information that I am adding to my sites.

8. I hereby resign as a member of the USGWP effective immediately. I want no part of an organization that is full of lies, deceit, cover ups, sweeping things under the rug and protecting those that are in positions of power that break the most rules.

I will be letting anyone and everyone know that asks everything they want to know about this farce of a hearing up to and including copies of the screen shots of the archives of the unarchived mailing list so that future hearings that are held the CC's are aware of how low down and dirty the AB actually is.

Y'all are a bunch of lying conniving power hungry punks that think everything belongs to you that is genealogical in nature. Well, I got another thing coming for you. It doesn't and mark my words. You will fail and this project will fail. You are not holier than thou, you are not all that and a bucket of peanuts, and each and every one of you with the exception of Colleen, David and Alice can kiss my Lilly white ass!

Diane Siniard
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