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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

August 01, 2010

2010 Elections

2010 Elections Results

I don't know if I need a bottle in front of me
or a frontal lobotomy

Eligible Voters overall 1466
# of voting members: 313 (21.351%)

National Coordinator:
Sherri Bradley: 142 (47.811%)
Bill Oliver: 59 (19.865%)
Diane Siniard: 46 (15.488%)
Billie Walsh: 50 (16.835%)
The EC declares a run-off between Sherri Bradley & Bill Oliver.

NENC CC 1 Year:

Alice Allen: 70 (100%)
The EC declares Alice Allen the winner.

NENC CC 2 Year:
Daryl Lytton: 28 (38.356%)
Paul Smith: 45 (61.644%)
The EC declares Pauli Smith the winner.

Sundee Anderson: 11 (13.415%)
Ann Allen Geoghegan: 48 (58.537%)
Don Kelly: 23 (28.049%)
The EC declares Ann Allen Geoghegan the winner.

Colleen Pustola: 9 (100.000%)
The EC declares Colleen Pustola the winner.

Sandra Smith: 37 (34.259%)
Denise Wells: 71 (65.741%)
The EC declares Denise Wells the winner.

Les Shockey: 11 (100%)
The EC declares Les Shockey the winner.

Pat Asher: 58 (69.880%)
W. David Samuelsen: 25 (30.120%)
The EC declares Pat Asher the winner.

Larry Flesher: 13 (100%)
The EC declares Larry Flesher the winner.

For: 239 (76.849%)
Against: 45 (14.469%)
Pass: 27 (8.682%)
The EC declares the amendment has Passed.

142 people voted for Sherri, 155 voted against her.

1466 eligible voters this year; 1516 in 2009; 1578 in 2008. We predict 1400 eligible voters in 2011, of which 300 will vote.

Mary White


C. W. Barnum said...

Fooled me.

These results came early thanks to Mary White. Mary, you are a champion. We love you.

So, sports fans, I was right again, to a degree. Only 20% of members voted. I always say 90% don't care, but 20% did vote.

As for the NC position, I was a bit surprised. I had hoped Sherri would sweep this one, but Bill and Billie and Diane muddied the water. I said if one of them did not drop out, they would spit the vote and none of them would defeat Sherri. I hoped that Bill would have to crawl back into whatever hole he came from. Now, it's possible that Bill could defeat Sherri. I have a secret friend who votes the way I suggest, but I am now torn between Bill and Sherri. As you can see, ten more people voted against Sherri than for her. ONE SINGLE vote will be huge in the runoff to come. I would like to see the upside down turmoil if Bill is elected. It would be like letting all the screwballs out of the funny farm. That would be a gas!! His first act may be to appoint Karen M. to the first vacancy. I will suggest a vote for Bill just for the fun of seeing USGW go bonkers. Go Bill Go. Bill, Bill, He's our man. If he can't do it NO ONE CAN.

The rest went as I predicted:
Daryl did real well against an established personality.
Don and Sundee never had a chance and I said so. WD 40 sealed their fate when he mentioned they were part of his plan to take over USGW and abolish the AB.
Pat to-the-rescue Asher thrashed WD.
I said Denise would win and she did in a big way. I like Denise. She is one of the few rational people on the AB.
Collen did real well with 9 votes to zero and no opponent. Hee hee.

The amendment passed, they always do. Most people vote blindly FOR amendments. I can not recall an amendment that did not pass.
I do not even know what the amendment was. I wonder if 80% of the members know either. But look at it this way, 239 people decided for the other 1466 members what they shall receive.

Anonymous said...

Well if that wasn't a rigged election I don't know what is! As you can see Sherri has almost her entire clique in every seat. With the exception of Colleen and Alice every seat is corrupt!
The slow agonizing death is well on its way, hopefully Bill Oliver will win the NC position to speed the death along.

Anonymous said...

That is the best anonymous quote I have read!

"The slow agonizing death is well on its way, hopefully Bill Oliver will win the NC position to speed the death along."

C. W. Barnum said...

Bill Oliver has been bumming around USGW for years. He often runs for a spot on the AB. This election he put his name in lights again, but it may be to his horror if he’s actually elected. He was so disinterested that he did not bother to publish a campaign page.
He may have been a lark on the ballot to split votes of the challengers --who happened to be CCs not SCs. Bill Oliver is the State Coordinator for Nebraska. Maybe his spoof candidacy was a payback for his being “appointed” by Sherri to SC Rep in the Northwest/Plains Region.
Regardless, they always seem to find a way to lock-out CCs, don’t they? You can bet on it.
Send a message: Vote for Oliver.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Barnum know that a CC has never been a National Coordinator? Only SCs and former SCs are eligible. It's in the rules.

C.W. Barnum said...

Haa ha ha!
Who gave you that clue Dick Tracy, Sam Spade?
You are correct in the first case but goofy in the latter.
But it does not matter. Did you read Diane's email that blasted the AB out of the water?
I hope Mary follows up on her letter.