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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

August 31, 2011

A Genealogy Project Awakes
Remember AHGP? It was considered to be a ‘better’ mouse trap than USGenWeb. It did well at first, but the management lacked the ability to improvise. They were stuck in USGenWeb's muddy ruts while organized around outdated Web-rings.

It is remembered that some USGenWeb members occupied AHGP State Coordinator slots and then deliberately stifled growth. They plastered links to USGenWeb on every page while the website itself contained no useful information. AHGP became known as a links-yard. Some SC’s had a ‘Main page’ that was merely a portal to their USGenWeb project. Those practices may be changing.

Genealogy Trails has eliminated the link-yard problem as did TTTP. If members don’t produce, they get the boot. But the new projects, like Genealogy Trails and TTTP, and a couple of others, are still in the USGenWeb rut. Here is a quote from a former USGenWeb transcriber,

"I've left the county-based projects. It's an outdated way of sharing/retrieving information. The wave of the future is and the pay to view sites, and Find-A-Grave. USGenWeb’s sleaziness polluted the reputation of all Genealogy Projects."

Will AHGP achieve what it was intended to be? Or will it be a links-yard? AHGP’s new leadership shows the ability for success. Do they have the will?
For Daryl

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As to the whole of the USGW- Links is their first-middle and last name, it is not about what REAL info they can provide it is about how easy they can make doing a research page with little or no work AT ALL.
For example- look at their Florida Project, nothing worth taking the time to stop by-Why vist even one site in that project just to get a link back to their own archives.
Laverne and Patrice wanted Florida so bad they were willing to try and take out the entire State project, with the help of a few extra lacky friends on the board of the USGW, or would one call Sherri a real friend? But I would also say, Watch your back,Laverne is lurking, and she will lie about everything to get what she wants.
Was the USGW Fl project worth what they did? I would say not, from what I have seen the Original Florida Project is holding their own.USGW is even ashamed of their Fl. project to such an extreme point as to Not use the USGW name up front of the FLG name. STUPID-