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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

March 27, 2010

NCGenWeb Part 1/5

As strange as it may seem, it does happen

It took remarkable courage for the former NCGenWeb State Coordinator Diane Siniard to send us the below. It is only the tip of the iceberg, and more will be revealed during the next several days. We will not attempt to explain how this happened, but rather will report only what happened. When Diane resigned as SC, she was asked how she was doing and we now present the beginning of her story.

Mary White

"Well, other than feeling like the wool was pulled over my eyes for many months and years and now I can see the NCGenWeb clearly for the first time in what seems like a very long time I am shocked by what I see and hear. I noticed on the NCGenWeb site they are running tracers on all sites that don't have their sites on the ncgenweb servers, which I did warn the CC's to be on the lookout that they were plotting and planning over, and now I am worried for those CC's because all of them are great people and they really don't deserve to be treated that way.

"Nola basically dictated to me who I was to bring into the Board and I did it and now look what I have done, I made a board of dictators who will ruin what I could have built into a wonderful project if I had been left alone. Hell, I was sent letters to send to the CC's, I think you got a copy of one [which will be published later. -mw] That was written by Derick and I was ordered to send it out, it wasn't written by me. I was sent emails of what to say and when to the CC's, what rules to implement and when, etc. I am ashamed of myself for doing what I was ordered to do. I am a grown woman and here I was a damn puppet and Nola was the grand puppet master pulling my strings and I really had no freaking idea at the time!

"I wish someone would have come up to me slapped me and made me wake up! I really regret everything I have done and did to the NCGenWeb Project to hurt but most of all to the CC's that have been hurt most of all. They really don't know and don't understand what all was really going on behind the scenes and because of it I have been called a Nazi, a dictator, etc and some quit thinking I was the one implementing and causing all of the changes. If they could only find out the real truth...I thought about posting some of the emails, etc. But then I wouldn't look any better than the Board and I am sure they would make up more lies.

"They have stooped so low as to contact all of my researchers and are telling them I am an alias, I am not who I say I am, I have stolen their research and that it won't be available online ever again, and so on and so forth. They are also asking all of my researchers to send their data to them. Well several have told them that if they find any of their information on any NCGenWeb site there will be trouble and hell to pay. Which you don't know how good that makes me feel!

"Little does NCGenWeb know that I have met a great many of my researchers in person and/or talked to them on the phone and they are very loyal and quite dedicated to me. We are like a family and they do not support the way I have been treated even though they don't know what has happened, they only know I quit and moved the sites and that is enough for them.

"I just feel like a heel for being the scapegoat and letting NCGenWeb CC's down like I did. I do wish there was some way I could let them know the truth about all of it.



Anonymous said...

My, my. The same person seems to be everywhere there is trouble in USGenWeb. She sent emails to the SC of Florida, and communicated with the SC of New Mexico. We know what happened in those states, disaster and outrage.
This recent abomination has replaced New Mexico as the most disgraceful genweb project. North Carolina now wears that crown. Florida may top that after the dust settles in that once great project.
My hat is off to Diane Siniard, a brave and honorable person.
Thank you too, Mary White.

Anonymous said...


Or maybe she could plead,"I am just a dumb stupid women who in exchange for chumming with the "insiders" was willing to be dishonest and hurt innocent people. Then when the game is up...squeal like a pig.

Anonymous said...

I really don't feel like being a target of the POWERS THAT BE on NCGenWeb therefore no name. I've had sites for many years and was always proud to be one of the coordinators until recently. There is a reason Diane was called names, it was she who was making the demands. Now, I can believe that she was a puppet and I can believe she was manipulated. However, she has nobody to blame for being called names except herself. She wouldn't have been called names if she would have just let somebody know what was going on (how about the National Coordinator). I won't give up my sites, I don't do them for NCGenWeb or USGenWeb for that matter, I do them for the researchers and they can find my pages wherever I decide to house them.

At this point, I don't trust anybody that is on the NCGenWeb board of directors and that one really steams me. The whole thing stinks to high hell. I want to know why this whole incorporation thing is really necessary. None of the other states that I am in are doing it. I want to know exactly why they need a treasurer, I know it has to go way beyond the domain fees, that is an insignificant amount of money and if NCGenWeb dissolves, it certainly isn't the volunteers that are going to end up with any monies, even though we do the work. I think that we are no longer volunteers, we are slaves.

C. W. Barnum said...

Hello Twinkie poster,
Since there are several views of every story, I'd like to read the rest of the story. As you know, most of USGenWeb is hidden in secrecy. Why does the AB refuse to release their deliberations about the Barnum vs. NMGenWeb's criminals unless they had something to hide? You know the answer and so do they. The AB made a biased ruling for a biased SC.
What went on in North Carolina? I hope we will get at least one side of the story.