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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

May 22, 2011

Beat Goes On

"The beat goes on, the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain"

Since Sherri Bradley, USGenWeb National Coordianator, posted the below message to a public USGenWeb list with the charges against Daryl as statements of facts, we have done some investigating into the matters.

With that posting to Board, the USGenWeb Advisory Board list for official USGenWeb business, Sherri has turned the issue and the charges against Daryl into matters of organizational business. In accordance with Sturgis (the AB's rule book) we will expect full public disclose of the hearing against Daryl, including the testimony. (Sturgis, "Failure or refusal to disclose matters of organizational business, are grounds for removal from office.")

The message Daryl received from Sherri containing the charges against him is signed "For the USGenWeb Advisory Board." It has been brought to our attention that Daryl, being the gentleman he is, has sent the AB a message offering each member of the AB the chance to absolve them selves of any or all of the charges made against him. There has been no response so far, but it is Sunday and we suspect the members of the AB are attending church seeking forgiveness for their sins.

Our research shows Sturgis requires the AB to have the authority to hold a disciplinary hearing for each of the charges, and proof of the charges against Daryl has to be established before he was notified of the hearing and the charges. When asked for comments we were disappointed Daryl's only reply was, "You are correct."

We have also been informed by a member of the AB that Daryl said he will have an attorney assisting him. Rumor is it's an Assistant D.A.

Mary White

> [Original Message]
> From: Sherri
> To:
> Date: 5/19/2011 6:32:40 PM
> Subject: [BOARD] Disciplinary Hearing Being
> Convened - Daryl Lytton
> For the record, a disciplinary hearing is being
> convened to hear the following charges:
> A disciplinary hearing is being convened with the
> following as the charges:
> 1) Mr. Lytton has violated the USGenWeb Grievance
> Procedures by publishing both redacted and unredacted
> versions of confidential emails exchanged during the
> grievance process. He has also published on mailing
> lists confidential information regarding issues,
> decisions, and the identities of participants in the
> grievance process. His breaches of confidentiality
> are in violation of the Grievance Procedures, Section
> E. (
> 2) Since the establishment of the Grievance Committee
> in August 2007, Mr. Lytton has filed multiple
> grievances with the Committee and Appeals to the
> Advisory Board regarding his dismissal as Coordinator
> of OHGenWeb Adams County in December 2005. These
> grievances ask the Committee to retroactively apply
> Bylaw Amendment XIV.E. which made their decisions
> binding, to the non-binding recommendations of the
> Advisory Board rendered in January 2006. His refusal
> to accept the decisions to reject these subsequent
> grievances and appeals as invalid and punitive to
> the current SC and CC who were not parties to the
> original grievance, is a violation of both the
> spirit and the letter of the law.
> 3) Mr. Lytton promotes the demise of the USGenWeb
> Project and maligns the Project and its members on
> public websites, causing internal dissension and
> the discouragement of genealogical researchers. These
> actions are in violation of the fundamental principle
> of the organization, i.e. to provide and promote free
> genealogical sites and resources to the general
> public and violates Section II and Section IV,
> Subsection A of the Bylaws; and the adopted
> parliamentary authority (Sturgis), authorized by
> Section XV of the Bylaws
> (
> 4) Since 15 May 2003, Mr. Lytton has defrauded the
> genealogical community the USGenWeb Project was
> created to serve, by soliciting financial
> contributions via PayPal to,
> Inc. while falsely claiming it is a "nonprofit public
> benefit corporation" (a public charity). Such
> solicitation is in violation of Nevada Revised
> Statute NRS 598.1305, prohibited deceptive trade
> practices, where Mr. Lytton currently resides, and
> the California Corporation Code, where he registered
> the corporation.
> 5) Mr. Lytton represented himself as a spokesperson
> for the USGenWeb Project and implied his personal
> project,, was an officially
> endorsed USGenWeb project in a promotional
> announcement to Dick Eastman. Mr. Lytton was not,
> nor ever has been, an elected or appointed
> spokesperson, nor was his personal project an
> official or sanctioned project of USGenWeb
> (
> 6) Mr. Lytton displays the USGenWeb logo on his
> personal project USGenWeb-Search.Us without
> permission, in violation of the USGenWeb Standard
> Rules, Section IV. Permission to Use a USGenWeb Logo.
> (
> 7) Mr. Lytton has used false names (aliases) on
> multiple occasions to represent himself as someone
> else in order to gain access to State projects where
> he had been removed or rejected for membership.
> 8) Mr. Lytton harasses individual members of the
> USGenWeb Project and duly elected representatives to
> the Advisory Board, makes libelous statements
> targeted at individual members, and threatens law
> suits against members and the USGenWeb organization,
> by private mail and on USGenWeb mail lists, causing
> a hostile working environment for USGenWeb project
> volunteers.
> Mr. Lytton maintains the following USGenWeb Project
> sites:
> LaPlata County COGenWeb; COGenWeb Assistant
> State Coordinator
> Derby City (CTGenWeb, New Haven County)
> Hawaii County HIGenWeb
> KSGenweb
> Larry Flesher will chair the hearing. A private mail
> list will be set up for the hearing; more information
> will be forthcoming.
> Sherri Bradley
> National Coordinator
> USGenWeb Project


Charles Barnum said...

Just when you think the AB could not do more harm…….!
Hey, has the AB heard of the Grievance Procedure? I thought USGW voted for a Grievance Procedure to handle this type of stuff?
Oh, I forgot, the rules do not apply to the AB.
This will be another hatchet job. If the AB handles it, they can insure that the findings fit their charges. Talk about a bunch of goofy bustards. They way they operate, as in the New Mexico case, is to write the findings then come up with charges to fit the desired conclusion.
If they are going to do this, they have the responsibility to PROVE the charges. In the past, they have put the burden of proof on the defendant. In the NM case, the NC told me after the fact, that I did not present enough evidence to refute the charges. HUH? The defendant does not have to prove anything. The prosecution has that responsibility. Rotten sons’-a-britches!
In Florida, I and others knew the outcome before their ruling. They made up their mind then had a phony trial. I do not know if you have checked the TWO FLGenWeb sites lately, but the one favored by the AB has almost crumbled into dust.

Daryl lytton said...

I think we can safely say the eyes of the world are upon the AB. Blog Stats May 2010-May 2011:

GC Confessions Jun 22 2010, 42 comments 226 Pageviews
Diane's Trail Aug 26 2010, 8 comments 216 Pageviews
2010 Elections Aug 1 2010, 6 comments 81 Pageviews
AB Resignation Jan 28 2011, 3 comments 39 Pageviews
GC Corruption Jun 14 2010, 23 comments 36 Pageviews
New Rules Jun 3 2010, 27 comments 35 Pageviews
Harassment Dec 17 2009, 2 comments 22 Pageviews
Nola vs. Nola May 5 2010, 6 comments 20 Pageviews
New Home 1 May 19 2007 15 Pageviews
To NCGenWeb CCs Dec 7 2009, 6 comments 15 Pageviews

Pageviews by Countries
United States 2,421
China 107
Russia 105
South Korea 43
Latvia 33
Japan 31
Germany 29
France 29
Romania 28
Iran 25

Anonymous said...

I now see the truth of the matter, Sherri and her like minded group now attempt to smear Daryl out of fear that CC's in the USGW might actually wish for someone that has some integrety left.
Sherri and her group fear they will loose their power.
I do fear that whoever gets the seat, will find it hard to undo the damage Sherri and Pat along with those other 2 women,Laverne and Patrice have done to the reputation of the USGW, The delinking of the entire state of Florida so those 2 could have their own project,And WHAT have those 2 done with that project- NOTHING- and Sherri still sits in her chair, and Now Pat Asher, DUH, come on people, are the CC's in the USGW just going to lay down for yet another election whicle this woman and her select few totally destroy what is left?
From what I have seen the real Florida project has done well without those two women and without the USGW, Sherri would have allowed those two to ruin a good project,like they have done with the one Sherri felt they had to put in its place. a NOTHING project.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what is usually done before every election ever held on the entire planet?
Smear the other guy so no one will vote for him or her- This is exactly what Sherri and Pat are trying to do to Daryl, smear,
If he is so bad, why have they not been able to prove any one item he has been accused of in the entire history of the USGW? Because it has all been lies, Darly has done nothing wrong, unless being a CC is wrong.
Look what they did to Charles, sure he spoke his mind, was that so bad, right or wrong,he spoke up while others sat back and wished for things to go away.
Well people, they will not just go away, you have to cast your vote to make a change.
Look what Sherri did to an entire state project along with the help of Pat - she was invloved, as were the two women who now run the USGW empty state project.

Charles Barnum said...

Haa-- as for smearing, the last time I ran for office--just before I left USGW, members of the AB and their ilk sent emails to most of the SCs and told them to come out against me. Since most of the CCs did not vote, the verdict was predictible. I gave up on the CCs and left town.
Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, free at last.

Anonymous said...

Not sure who it was that stated stuff on this blog was all lies, I figure if you were not there then how can you tell if it is all lies or not? Might be the truth! might not,but after several years of watching and dealing with the USGW, I feel it is a safe bet it is all so true it hurts. Charles is right, they will now begin their smear to try their best to discredit anyone who runs against Sherri,no matter who it might be!
They will be called dirt. and CC's will follow her into the dust of the once famous USGW.

Charles Barnum said...

Anon said,
"They will be called dirt, and CC's will follow her into the dust of the once famous USGW."

That is so true. When I joined in 199something, I loved USGenWeb. Now I loathe it.

Anonymous said...

So, WHO will be setting up this Private mail list for the hearing? Sherri? If so, it will be not so private, she has more than read only from what I understand.Sherri can and will put in her own 2 cents worth during this Not so Private hearing, especially if she thinks she can rid herself of Daryl. This will NOT be a fair hearing for Daryl.

Anonymous said...

>So where in the USGW by-laws does it state one can not use any other name than the one a person was born with?
>At what time was it posted to any formal record within the USGW that Daryl could not use or post the USGW logo on any of his pages?Did they use his name and forbid him the use?
>And , the FLGenWeb Project of the USGW also fails to list up front they are even of the USGW, it is only after a person clicks on one of their sites they find any mention of this fact- False representation at first glance I would say

Charles said...

The issue of aliases is ignorant.
I have used aliases for years. Yet, I have not got cancer from doing it, nor have I given USGW cancer.
Here is a secret, (it is not too secret among some close friends): I am still a member of USGenWeb under another name. I have been for years.
They will never find me.
I'm waiting to see what aliases Daryl is charged with to see if it is actually one of mine. What a riot!