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Stalking The Truth

Stalking The Truth

August 02, 2011

Remembering The Daryl

Daryl Lytton, often referred to as “The Daryl” because of his devotion to the struggle for justice for members of USGenWeb, is now in God's hands.

Daryl died on Sunday in Las Vegas Nevada after a struggle with cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Members of the Advisory Board of USGenWeb and their attack dogs floated volleys of false charges, personal attacks, hounding him until his last breath. He was on his deathbed and unable to defend himself against charges, while the Advisory Board proceeded with a secret trial without him.

The behavior of the Advisory Board is USGenWeb at its worst. Will God forgive them?

We loved you, Daryl.


Anonymous said...

I told the AB what they were doing was a bad idea. Their disdain for members and hardness of heart is obvious. Let them not forget that their personal vendettas hounded an innocent man to his grave, and they were probably responsible for shortening his life. He had at most 60 days to live, but died much sooner. Shame is upon the Advisory Board members who voted to persecute Daryl. They mock him still, even as he sleeps in the cold, dark morgue.

Anonymous said...

I never met Daryl, but I have seen his many postings- They were always for the members,not himself- Shame on Sherri- Densie Wells - and many of those ABers who posted on the ALL list about how Daryl did this or that- They could never produce the items stated.
To the ABer or person who posted she would not believe he was dying until she read his death certificate- Hope she chokes on it now.

And the shame of it all that the members of the USGW allow that same group of people whom Daryl fought so hard against for the members rights- To be again seated in their places for further abuse by the board-
To you who did not bother to vote-You deserve it.
It is a dishonor to the man who fought to give you free will genealogy in a peaceful enviroment.
excuse bad spelling-

Joker said...

Be it Daryl or a stranger, it's difficult to bear knowing someone was delibertly tormented while on his death bed. It went on for years before that.
They even took photos of his home as if to save, "We know where you live and can get to you."
They can no longer harm him.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joker said...

This previous comment has been edited. Please do not use last names of persons if you wish to use questionable language.
The ABers decided that Daryl should be disciplined, and disciplined HARD. So, they decided to suspend him from USGenWeb. Hah! Do you REALLY think he cares? Go ahead Tina xxxxx, you shameless bitch. You got your damned revenge against him, didn't you? You proved who was the better person! Yah, right; sure you did. Even in his death he beat you. Sherri xxxxx and Pat xxxxx, the two of you can go to hell. Neither of you could even use your sneaky ways to get around him. You tried, oh yes you did. Let's come up with every little thing he ever did that we did like and use it against him. But he outmaneuvered you and the entire AB by forcing you to go public with what you'd been doing. If you didn't talk, he certainly did. Both you lousy bitches are losers, and even worse, USGenWeb is worse off because of the two of you. Daryl still defeated both of you, especially you Pat. USGenWeb be damned.
By Anonymous on Remembering The Daryl at 11:43 AM (edited post)

vergilius said...

Sorry to read that Daryl died. I'm his first cousin (a son of his mom's brother). He e-mailed me to let me know the bad prognosis. I had been dabbling in a bit of genealogy, and Daryl was always a big help.

Bruce Lucas

Anonymous said...

Daryl was a brilliant man. He always seemed to catch the AB in dealing from the bottom of the deck. That is why they went after him, I was told. They said it backfired on the AB. Many volunteers feel the AB went to far. They are now on shakey ground.

Anonymous said...

Obituary for Daryl J. Lytton
Las Vegas Daryl John Lytton, age 62, passed away in Las Vegas, Nev., on July 31, 2011, after a brief bout with cancer. Born May 24, 1949, in Chicago, Ill., to parents Ann Lucas Lytton and Amos H. Lytton, he grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and Madison, Wis.; and graduated West High in 1967. With international friendships, he was a leading genealogist who pioneered computer tracking of genealogies. Decades were devoted to studying his family tree and extended Lytton genealogies. Intellectually gifted and creative, Daryl also began unique businesses, including one that sold the first computer networks. Daryl was personable, enjoyed helping others, and was a good friend to many.

His parents; and older brother, David Lytton (Clark Bordner Jr.) predeceased him. He is survived by sister, Diane Lytton (husband, Rev. Dr. Thomas Fritz) of Appleton; son, David Newton; cousins, Wade, Bruce and Karl Lucas of Ohio; and nieces and nephews.

He wished to thank Kathy and David Jamison for their help during his recent illness. There will be no formal memorial service; burial will be at Twelve Corners Cemetery, Town of Center, Wis.

Joker said...

This snipped comment is floating around cyber space:
Those of you who felt the need to justify your vendettas with a disciplinary hearing against a dying man are probably smiling and feeling happy now. He got the last laugh. Tell me, how are you are going to enforce a suspension on someone who is dead; YOU big and bad members of the Advisory Board?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It does make one wonder, just how does the ABer who made the statement - She would only believe that Daryl was ding when she could see the death certificate, and then she went on to make her judgement of him.

Joker said...

None of them showed remorse after learning he was dead. At least three of them wanted to continue the sham trial even after he was dead.